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Technical support

If you have problems to install or to use the program, consult the sections below. If the problem persists, send an email to detailing the error and the version of your operating system.

The program stops when an image file is cataloged

If the program stops when scanning an image file, and if the file size is < 300 KB, send us an email with this file. We will try to correct this problem for the next program release.

A lot of thumbnails don't appear on the search list

This problem appears when the Windows graphic memory is low (called GDI). You can display between about 100 to 2000 thumbnails at the same time in the program views, it depends of the PC configuration. To see a blank thumbnail, display the 'Properties' windows of the file and see the 'Information' panel. You can use also the 'Locate' function.

Big catalog size

To reduce the catalog size, try the "compact" function in then "File" menu. The limit size for a catalog is 900 MB and 1800 MB for catalogs created with Gentibus CD v1.49 or greater.