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French, Spanish, Chinese, Estonian, Netherlands, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Hungarian

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To install a file translation, just copy the file in Gentibus CD installation folder. Start the program and choose the language in the 'Setup' Windows. If you make some changes in the files, please send to me your translation. Thanks to the authors for their help.

Country Author File
Spanish Valentin Sanz, Raúl Tijerino Lang_sp.ini
Chinese Mao Jian Yi Lang_cn.ini
Èeština Ladislav Drábek Lang_cze.ini
Nederlands Coert Lang_nl.ini
Polish Tomasz Madera Lang_pl.ini
Portuguese Daniel Ruschel Lang_pt.ini
Romanian Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu Lang_ro.ini
Hungarian Bartha Mihály Lang_hu.ini


Version 1.51 - 08/15/2012

  • Correct bug "Data access" at the start of program.
  • Correct english menu translation mistake.

Version 1.5 - 07/11/2012

  • Add new icones.

Version 1.49 - 04/02/2010

  • Correct few bugs,
  • Increase the maximum size of the new catalog.

Version 1.48 - 02/10/2009

  • includes some minor bug fixes on the images scan.

Version 1.47 - 4/28/2008

  • New name for your cataloging software, the term "Vista" is widely used since a famous software publisher used it for its operating system ... a small improvement has been made to this version, it concerns reading information related to the images of digital cameras. The use of Gentibus CD V 1.4x remains free of charge.

Version 1.46a - 6/9/2006

  • Correct some little translation bugs.

Version 1.46 - 1/30/2006

  • Read information from the OGG audio files,
  • Read information from the OGM video files,
  • Include the MKV video files in the Video panel,
  • Can use larger thumbnails in the lists,
  • More rows in the lists,
  • Read extra information from the camera pictures (focal length, exposure time, ...)
  • Gentibus CD version 1.4x is free to use.

Version 1.44 - 02/16/2005

  • Create play list for media players,
  • Better mp3 files support (read ID3V2 tags),
  • Can create categories for cataloged disks,
  • Scan several disks in only one operation,
  • Columns auto size,
  • Improve the file properties views.

Version 1.40 - 01/01/2005

  • Open the read-only catalogs,
  • Read the TIF, PCX, TGA, IFF, EPS image files,
  • New HTML export windows,
  • Can explore the catalog by file properties,
  • New windows with the catalogs properties,
  • New function to update the cataloged folders,
  • Can display the tabviews at the bottom of the windows,
  • New search criterion for the duplicate files,
  • New function to rebuild the multimedia views,
  • Ability to delete the useless thumbnails,
  • Ability to hide the useless folders in the multimedia views.

Version 1.10 - 10/06/2004

  • New custom panel to display the file category you want,
  • More property columns in the lists,
  • More criteria in the search view,
  • Ability to create thumbnail pages with the HTML export function,
  • More options in the 'Setup' windows,
  • Ability to choose the size of the recorded and the displayed thumbnails
  • General improvement, full documentation.

Version 0.716 - 06/29/2004

  • Can read contents of RAR compressed files,
  • create thumbnails of PNG files (24 Bits),
  • simpler management of the categories,
  • more options for HTML export,
  • ability to export lists with CSV format.

Version 0.715 - 05/22/2004

  • Add special browsers for audio, video and program files,
  • ability to catalog only one folder,
  • better compatibility of the thumbnails,
  • extract avi files information (codec, length, ...),
  • resolve some little bugs,
  • lower catalog size with XP.

Version 0.714 - 02/27/2004

  • Extract programs information (description, version, ...),
  • ability to open files with double-click,
  • better reading of the jpeg files,
  • read now .PSD image file,
  • can view the image thumbnails in list,
  • use two columns for image resolution,
  • includes some minor bug fixes.

Version 0.713 - 12/28/2003

  • Add a new panel to explore the pictures stored on the disks,
  • ability to see lists with thumbnail icons,
  • better support for English version.

Version 0.712 - 11/17/2003

  • Create thumbnails of pictures stored on the disks,
  • Modification of the scan function,
  • Extract information from WAV files,
  • New graphic interface with view panels.

Version 0.711 - 10/03/2003

  • Record the beginning of the text files,
  • Retrieve information from HTML files,
  • Extract information from MP3 files.

Version 0.703 - 09/20/2003

  • Improve the disk cataloging,
  • optimization of several procedures,
  • show the folder size in the list view,
  • simplification of the graphic interface.

Version 0.60 b6 - 03/01/2003

  • Multilingual interface,
  • modification of the management of categories,
  • improve catalogs loading,
  • more view possibilities (lists orientation).

Version 0.60 b4 - 01/12/2002

  • First diffusion of Gentibus CD.